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Capitalizing on our in-depth knowledge of the market, our mastery of needs for each type of client and our advanced expertise, we provide you with a support adapted to the specifics of your project.


By processing your incoming and outgoing calls and thus your customer requests, you boost the loyalty and customer satisfaction of your brand thanks to the expertise of our teams and the diversity of our digital solutions proven throughout the customer journey.

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Our technical assistance covers the technical problems of customers in the different business sectors in BtoC, BtoB and BtoBtoC, through several skill levels for end-to-end processing, optimal efficiency and reduced resolution times.


Thanks to our expertise in the back-office, we work on different client tools, thus ensuring the activation of contracts signed; sending a welcome letter, as well as calling the prospect to retrieve the necessary information for contracting.


We provide our clients dedicated teams, with a real sense of customer contact and a perfect mastery of sales techniques for optimal commercial performance; as part of the sale of contracts (Telecom, Insurance, Energy ..) on the basis of qualified prospects, and the sale of products and related services on the basis of qualified customers.


Xdcm supports you in developing a personalized and lasting proximity relationship with your customers, by analyzing the issues, thus ensuring the development of an adequate loyalty plan allowing to support the customer in his choice of supplier and offer, increase customer satisfaction, secure the customer portfolio and sell service offers. Creating a unique customer experience for each of your contacts will help improve satisfaction.